The Science of Information: How to talk to children about dangers and protect them online.

Keeping open and honest communication and building empowerment is key to protecting children online and offline. Information that is honest, concrete, yet age-appropriate and reassuring will help children deal with difficult experiences and reduce fear.


Allowing children to talk freely with open questions helps them express their emotions and better deal with trauma. Acknowledging their feelings, reassurance and active listening makes them feel loved, supported and safe.


Warranting digital online safety, well-informed parents are more likely to stay alert to online risks and warning signals for children. Children’s resilience is crucial in protecting them online. Children who are well-informed and empowered on how to safely navigate the internet are better protected.


Initiatives caregivers ought to take include enabling parental controls, updating virus scanners and making sure privacy settings are ‘high’. Setting rules for online use helps control children’s internet habits.   Different ages require different rules. Spending time with the children on the internet and exploring together ensures their safety.

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